Belarus Faces New Joint Sanctions From Western Countries

We have adopted today, with respect to Belarus, the largest package of sanctions, listing 86 individuals and entities and, in particular, targeting those behind the hijacking of the plane with Mr. Protasevich on board. These measures were coordinated also with Canada, U.K. and U.S. We have also endorsed options for targeted economic sanctions. We will now aim to adopt them swiftly, after the guidelines of the European Union council. Today, the United States, in coordination with our allies and partners in Canada, the European Union and the United Kingdom, has taken a number of actions to impose costs on the Lukashenko regime in Belarus for a variety of egregious acts. Last month, we said, we would develop a list of targeted actions against key members of the Lukashenko regime associated with ongoing abuses of human rights and corruption, the falsification of the 2020 election and the forced diversion of the Ryanair flight. Today, we are following through and holding the regime accountable. It’s impossible that nothing will change after this sanctions because for sure, the reaction of the regime will be positive or negative. Nobody knows. But of course, we understand that it’s a very huge hit on the regime and they have to understand that there is no other way out on the dialogue with civil society. This is a very correct and timely step because only joint sanctions or a joint position is very powerful and will help us to release political prisoners and bring us to new elections.


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